I’m trying hard to master the balance of the exposure trio in photography – that aperture, shutter speed and ISO combo-thing. Get that sorted and you’re practically home and hosed. Right?

But despite continued practice and consistent and, I have to say, rather valiant efforts, I’m still finding the magical combinations of the three elements pretty bloody elusive at times, especially in low light and under pressure.

Then I read this fab little sentence, courtesy of Pieter from Hoi An PhotoWalks.

 Actually, there are just two [ingredients] and the third one is for emergencies only!

Twang! Here’s me madly trying all sorts of ISOs high and low at the beginning of my search for the right combo, when that’s the bit I’m supposed to adjust at the end when I’ve got the shutter speed and aperture broadly sorted.

I don’t believe I’ve been told that ever before, or read it – but I’m full of new hope. Can it be that simple? More experiments to follow….

Suggestions welcome.