For the last couple of nights, I’ve been trawling through folders upon folders of holiday photos on my computer, reorganising and deleting. So many photos, so much trash. So this recent little article in Digital Photography School was a timely reminder that sometimes less is indeed more.

Thanks to Simon Ringsmuth, I’m going to go put into practice his 3 tips: (thanks, Simon)

  • limit the number of shots you take – maybe just three shots of the dog sleeping with some pre-thought, not 13 of the usual ‘fingers crossed’ shots
  • Limit your focal length – out comes my 50ml fixed lens to get a workout, watch me walk around the subject instead
  • Limit your subject – I’m going to pick something, one thing, and concentrate on that for a bit. Stay tuned for what it shall be.

Simple! Right?? Think I came to some of those conclusions recently after my “photography findings and fails” in Vietnam.

In the meantime, there are still lots of Aussies left in the Australian Open so I’ve got many more hours left in front of the tele over the next few nights – a perfect opportunity to do a bit more trawling and deleting as those balls fly over the net. C’mon, Hewie et al.


Guard dog at Battery Point