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It’s hard sometimes to find the personal time and space to keep up with writing and blog aspirations. So many things to take your attention. Things to do, dogs to walk, people to ring. Lurking family members can be well-intentioned impediments (‘What are you doing, darling?) not to mention the distraction of the cyber world. For me, escaping to a cafe is just the trick.

Armed with nothing more than a cappuccino and an open screen, I am immediately focused and productive. Although a growing number (maybe most?) cafes will have free wi-fi, depending on your location, the absence of the internet is one of the things I find most appealing and effective about being at a cafe. If they have it, I don’t ask for the password. So I can’t check my emails, or Twitter, or Facebook, or even Google this or that thought bubble as I drop words on to a page. Way more effective.

Imagine if I added up all those quick little checks and translated them into serious writing time? Instead, I will sit quietly and calmly over coffee while the bright, young things here bustle about efficiently around me serving coffees and cakes.

Think I will become a regular here.

Watch this space.