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It seems an awfully long way to Gungahlin from my place, and being directionally-challenged, I get lost every time I do, so trips that way are few and far between. But at the recommendation of a local, we tried G Tree Cafe for breakfast – and it was deemed worth the drive.

For the uninitiated, the satellite township of Gungahlin is still a little perplexing, but it is clearly evolving and the marketplace area is teeming on a Saturday morn, as was G-Tree Cafe (once I found it). Decor wise it’s reflective of a lot of its surrounding environment – new, clean, modern, but without any particular charm or the vibe of some of the more established area (of course, for many that’s how they like it). But spacious it was, so there was lots of room to spread out in a secluded corner to take as long as we liked over an elongated brekkie without feeling rushed or crowded – so we did.

What it may like in atmosphere, it makes up for in service – quick, attentive, accurate, and an ability to smile through our 21st century requests/questions about soy, gluten free, on the side, extra hot etc, without even a slight flinch and with the appearance of care. Good job.

The menu is broad (printed on a wipe-off laminated card – you know, that missing charm thing?) with all you’d expect in breakfast choices. The pancakes were great – very light, and served with berries, cinnamon-flavoured labneh. It was served beautifully on a plate, dusted with icing sugar, like someone cared. Could have done with a little more in the toppings, but excellent nonetheless. Or take your pancakes Canadian style with bacon and maple syrup if you will. Egg and smoked salmon choices passed muster, as did the Morning Apple Crumble. There were enough healthy ingredients in there (apple, coconut, mixed berries and quinoa to boot) to convince partakers it really is healthy even though it tastes like a delicious dessert, but for me the small dollop of labneh perched on top wasn’t enough to cut through the sweetness. An extra yogurt on the side would have topped it off.

By the time we left, the place had virtually emptied out, no doubt to gear up again for the lunch service coming. Seems like there are lots of casual and tasty lunch and dinner choices too.

Next time, maybe I won’t get lost. This is what happens when you get out of practice leaving your own neighbourhood.