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This morning it was 16°C in my (usually beautifully pleasant temperature-controlled Canberra) house. But this morning, the morning said, “It’s Autumn. Boom. Put some more clothes on.”

So I did. I took off my fluffy Cat-in-the-Hat-style striped slippers (very cute) and my matching fluffy pink dressing gown (very soft) and swapped them instead for long pants and a Zara down jacket. Down jacket, I said! In March.

Then I took my pooches for a quick stroll around the block (on the pretext of exercising them, but really I just wanted to warm up) and noted that the verdant greens of the neighbourhood trees are quickly taking on their autumn hues, tinged at the tip with red or gold, just a few tinkering in the air as they begin to fall to the ground.

I’m not sure I’m ready for the onslaught of winter, but the colours in the lead up will be pretty at least.

PS: 16°C translates to around 60°F, which is too chilly for March, inside my house. Surely??


Just the tips for now, but soon to be enveloped in amber.

PPS: The title of this post was supposed to be sung? Did you sing it? Are you over 50?