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It’s been a pretty big month here – the end of a work contract, a trip overseas, a new baby, and (dah dah da, very big drum roll) – official retirement. (In case anyone’s pondering the maths, the baby is one generation removed, so that’s no working AND no newborn to wake us up all night – boom boom.) Which means, life is really taking a bit of a turn in fairly momentous ways, but generally upwards and looking pretty darn fab.

Not that that necessarily means we don’t like working, or that we’re lazy lay-abouts ready to be tucked away into slow and sedentary retirement (although the first few official mornings did entail a couple of gloriously late sleep-ins (humble apologies for the gloating, Mum and Dad of the Newborn). And it doesn’t mean we won’t work again.

In fact, I actually like working – I enjoy the mental stimulation, the achievement, the company, and the money too, let’s be honest, and especially the getting dressed every morning (choices!), so no doubt I’ll dabble in a bit of this and that to help keep the brain battery charged and the wardrobe utilised. So will Mr T, I suspect (dabbling in work, not my work wardrobe hopefully), but it will be more on our terms and won’t absolutely define us.

It’s interesting the number of people who exclaim on hearing the news, ‘Aren’t you lucky?’ Fortunate, no doubt, as we’re younger than most retirees, but not sure luck has a lot to do with it. Not an accident, people. This is something we’ve been planning/plotting/scheming for nearly two decades, with the very clear knowledge that we didn’t want to be beholden to jobs which had a number of downsides until we had one foot in the grave, that we wanted an early ‘escape’ plan to allow us to do other things that make us more happy and less stressed, and feeling better about the universe and ourselves.


There are also many who question how we will fill in the days. Seriously – where are your imaginations? There’s family to visit and help out, houses to build, things to fix, dogs to walk, games to play, friends to drink red wine with, gym-junkies to turn into, and – in the case of Mr T – the ‘three Gs’: golf, gardening, and gourmeting, even if that isn’t a proper word. Not to mention there’s a whole world out there to travel around, including our own superlative and rather enormous nation we’ve only skimmed the surface of and I’ve never been to the north or west bits of. So much to see and do. How did we ever manage to fit work in at all, is the more relevant question. And did you notice I didn’t mention housework once?

And now there’s another little one to help complete the days. Even without a working week to contend with, there still won’t be enough hours in the day.

What a ride it’s going to be. Boom boom – booming marvellous.


PS: And just for the record, occasionally I am exceptionally talented at being a lazy lay-about. I just need to practise a bit more to be able to do it more without associated guilt.