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What does it mean when all of your friends look at you in disbelief when you mention that you’re considering buying a campervan to do some travelling?

– Really? I never saw you as camping sort of people, said the first.

– I can’t imagine you doing that.

– That’s interesting. Bit surprising for you.

– Oh? Would you actually stay at caravan parks?

I think a bit of a theme was developing.

Bugger the lot of you, we thought. We’ll prove you all wrong, you bastards.

Then I mentioned it to Daughter Number 1. She laughed.

Are you serious?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how serious?

Nine and a half.


Okay. Getting a bit offended now. Surely, we’re a laid back, cruisey sort of couple, willing to take on the unknown and the great outdoors, even if it is with the two big hairy dogs in tow and sleeping in the back of a small campervan.

Then I told Daughter Number 2 of our thinking. Really? Oh yes, that’d be nice, she said, you’d enjoy that. Like in a Winnebago? she asked imagining a major exercise in luxury on wheels. Then I said no, a campervan, and we’d sleep in the back.

Like a Wicked van, you mean? A Kombie?

Yeah, a bit like that.

Without the filthy slogans of course. And I’m trying to keep images of James A Michener’s The Drifters out of my head.

Then, hysterical laughter. For too long, I thought. Way too long.

You’re not 22, she reminded me.

Thanks for that, M2.

Either the rest of the world is misjudging our suitability for this envisioned new lifestyle, or we are.

We’re going to look at campervans next week in Sydney, so perhaps soon we’ll be able to make a judgement on who’s right or wrong. Keep tuned for the outcome on that.

We are very serious about this new adventure. Next question is, to buy or rent??


I was imagining something a bit more like this, let’s be clear.