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So my hubby’s been away for three days and left me to my own devices. During that time I promised myself I would be productive. If not doing really useful stuff that other people might do, (like working, or cleaning, or even washing the car), at least do stuff that could count as an outcome. The definition of that can be pretty wide after all.

I’m heading towards the end of Day 3 and the list of outcomes is slim. It includes things like:

  • making a list of the things I should do – always an excellent start
  • sorting out some photos files (However, this included realising I had inadvertently deleted a folder of photos of Munchkin granddaughter at my first Easter with her, all dressed up in white fluffiness discovering the joys of hidden chocolate eggs delivered by a mysterious, elusive bunny (who does that ‘advertently’, you may wonder?) All bar two photos gone. (One saved one above). Devo. sad face.png
  • doing a couple of blog entries
  • going to gym & walking dogs
  • watering the garden (c’mon rain)
  • feeding myself with good nutritious food (let’s not make too much of that box of ice creams)
  • hmm, not much else.

I did try to redeem myself briefly by offering my editorial assistance to M2, but apparently I provided excellent comments on the wrong bit of the document. Ba bong.

In my defence, this afternoon has been a huge distraction. I was planning to do more stuff but I got distracted by the horror movie that was playing out live on the TV screen, and online, and on text messages, on social media, and of course, in the good old US of A. It seemed like Americans were actually voting Donald Trump into government. How to ruin a day, probably the US, and quite potentially the world.

Actually as I speak I got a ping on my computer to tell me I’d had a new FB message. It said, ‘On the upside, now we can blame everything on Trump.’ accompanied by the hastag #blametrump. I’m going with it. It’s his fault my achievement levels are low this particular day. I was also planning to go to gym, but I had an early glass of wine instead. Drink up, world. Cheers!

So, I have an evening left and another whole day.

Gee up, Nellie. Let’s get a move on.


#blametrump #gogogo