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We prepared. We stood. We waited. Even with a bit of rain.

But the much-hyped supermoon was a bit hard to spot on Monday, hidden as it was behind all that cloud in Canberra, and other places around the country.

Many got truly amazing photos that night. I had to be satisfied with a couple of shots of the lake at dusk. Maybe next time.

The following night was a pretty speci sight though, when the sky was smeared in rich pink as the big ball peeped over the water and rose in a blaze of glory. Gotta be a song in that somewhere.

img_6561 img_0273 img_0252

And the swans were lovely at dusk before the moon came up.




And in a flow-on bonus, I’m now the proud owner of a new schmick tripod to replace the rattly old thing from hubbie’s bushwalking days of 40 years ago to better equip me for future occasions like this. Main bonus this one only has two ‘planes’ to work with when rotating to find the best positioning. The three of them altogether completely did in my spatially-challenged mind in, so this one far better suits my brain. Dearest and friend call it my special needs tripod.

Expect more long exposures now.