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There are a whole lot of people out there on websites and social media spruiking the magic of leaving your 9-5 and taking up permanent life on the road, indefinite travel, a never-ending holiday. Experience the world, find freedom, live the dream, yaddah, yaddah.

But I’m not totally convinced.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to travel. And I travel a lot. It’s a heap of fun. I just don’t want to do it all the time.

I also love home and love spending time here. We’ve worked hard for and on a lovely home with a beautiful garden in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, even if it is a bit under-rated (the city, not my house and garden).

I’m also very tied to the people here, including the two delightful little munchkins now in my life who change weekly, if not daily. There’d be a lot of changes to miss if I were to take off for years at a time. (desist temptation to insert photos).

But I’ve come up with a compromise. While travelling ad nauseam may be appealing for some, I think I will temper my travel jaunts with significant amount of home time. I’m just going to treat home time as holiday time too, and look to enjoy the best of my own home town as a tourist a would do and lap up the highlights each and every day. Without the time constraints and accommodation costs, and with a fair bit of insider knowledge. Boom!

Welcome to my tourist at home series.

There are an abundance of sites around that specialise in superficial, overly short and often bland descriptions and reviews of towns and events that read like a dodgy tourist brochure and which really don’t give you much idea of what they’re really like. And some of them are just bloody wrong. Who wants to pack up and lug a tribe of whingeing kids across town for 45 mins to discover the spectacular waterfall is actually less exciting than something you could have rigged up in your backyards with a garbage bin, a few big stones and a sprinkler? And that restaurant that scores 4.5 stars with reviews that cite ‘good service and tasty food’ (warning: read those meaningless, generic phrases in any food review and run a mile) actually turns out to serve food that I’d feel guilty presenting to my dogs. There’s a whole world out there of pretty average reviews, intentional or otherwise, that would take you up the garden path if you let them, or even up that special creek.

So, I’m going to produce a few of my own reviews. Yep, egotist at work. And be warned – they are likely to a bit longer than many of the sparse commentaries you may see around, but they will be authentic, and possibly useful. My apologies in advance, they may well have a bit of me injected into their writing. That is the benefit, after all, of having your own blog – you get to be just a little bit narcissistic. Oh, and I get to put my own pics in too.

Welcome to my tales of my home town, and other places further afield. A (very) small window into a marvellous world.

Love to hear your views, or your ideas of places that I should include. (I do have a very long to-do and to-review list).

Love you, Canberra!