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Mookie is making great inroads into her bucket list, kicking goals left, right and centre. Not bad for a hairy quadraped.

She’s been on many a stroll/sniff; had a play with Mango; swum at the lake; and eaten an ice cream. She has decided that should be on the list every day.

She’s even had time to jot down a few words.

Well, I don’t know what’s gotten into Mum and Dad, but they’ve turned into complete pushovers and going just a little bit crazy with attention and activities, specially Mum. They don’t even mind getting up in the middle of the night if I tell them I want to do a wee. And there are heaps of little treats being tossed my way, way more than usual.

Yesterday for example, I got to eat an ENTIRE ice cream completely by myself. One of those ones from the Maccas restaurant. Not just licking the end of a stick after I’ve carefully watched them eat 99.99% of the ice cream themselves. Yep, I’m onto them, but I take it anyway because licking ice cream sticks is still a bit of sport, no matter how meagre the offerings. Any ice cream is good, as long as you take it slowly. Remember – freeze head? We’ve all been there. And not only that, I’ve even convinced Mum that she should probably get me an ice cream every day. What a sucker she is. Woo hoo. Win.

There’s been lots of gardening, and we’re also going for an inordinate number of walks (who’d have thought a simple goldie would know a word like inordinate?) around the block, which is always good. And yesterday’s highlight of the walk was that I nearly got that bloody cat. Well, not nearly, but I gave it a red hot shot. When I spotted it, I ran after it faster than I’d run in years, for the whole length of my block, before it escaped over the fence. I might have had just a little limp for a minute or two after and had to have a little lie down and rest 50 metres down the road after that, half way around the block – not sure if it was related, but even if it was, it was worth it. Bastard of a cat.

We also went to the lake. OMG – I love the lake! I was so excited when I saw the water and raced in for a swim. Actually, three swims. Mango came too, which was nice, although she is annoying when she steals my sticks I like to carry around in the water. At least she didn’t try to hump me, because she does that a lot when she gets excited, and it’s pretty bloody annoying. We’re both girls, ffs. It’s not like its’ going to get her anywhere!

Mum tells me this afternoon we’re going on our photoshoot. I’m just looking forward to being out in the sun in the park. The weather’s just amazing – perfect for snoozes in the sun. Life’s good.

Love Mookie

In fact, Mookie’s enjoying the whole thing so much, she’s added a couple more items to the list and says thank you to those who put through suggestions. Yes, I’m now going to have to buy peanut butter, against my better judgement.

Off the computer now, and out into the sun!