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We’re quite popular in our neighbourhood. There could be many reasons for that, but I suspect the main one is that we have a trailer. (To be honest, it could be the only one.)

They’re very useful things, trailers. Ours gets used every week, sometimes several times a week, and has done so for 20 plus years. It’s transported tonnes of second-hand bricks for paving, carried soil, gravel, grass, sand and pebbles, transported timber, picked up and delivered furniture, and moved various people and all their earthly possessions.

Ta da – one of the many paving tasks, and I get to sneak in a photo of Mooks as a bubbie.

A solid work horse over the years, that trailer has saved us an absolute fortune and assisted in many DIY obsessions, and also allowed us to avoid paying dozens of delivery fees – because we’re too mean to pay those, even if it means hoisting huge beasts of things way beyond our capabilities and risking life and limb to do so. But most regularly, it’s used to transport green waste to our local (and most marvellous) tip. When you have a big garden, that’s a constant happening.

So we love this blue, slightly rusty beast a lot. But while we couldn’t live without ours, it seems just about everyone else can, certainly among our neighbours and friends.

This trailer is now in fairly constant demand, exacerbated by the nature of hubbie, Mr T, a busy and kind sort of chap who keeps offering to transport the green waste of others to the tip for them. Need to get rid of that huge pile of prunings out the front? Huge storm that wreaks havoc across the city and brings down trees and limbs? No worries, just leave it in a pile out the front and I’ll pick it up. It’s a nice neighbourly thing to do, even if it is a bit time consuming.

Just recently, though, it’s beginning to pay dividends, some quite delicious. One neighbour repays the favour with delightful home-baked goodies – a chocolate cake or cinnamon tea cake, delivered still warm and freshly dusted. A butternut pumpkin was left in the letterbox the other day as recompense, the home-grown sort that springs up unexpectedly from the mysteries of a backyard compost bin, the best sort. Delicious and most welcome offerings. And now there is the promise of an unwanted camera lens that happens to fit my camera body. Boom really!

It’s a marvellous thing, almost like a bartering thing from days of old, except that it wasn’t intended that way and it’s just unexpected but lovely little paybacks that make you smile, and sometimes make your tummy happy. What a nice way to work. It’s especially good for me, of course, as I don’t do the work but get the kickbacks. Extra boom.

Mind you, I just saw an ad on a local community network advertising to take away trailer loads of green waste as a business, and lots of people were taking it up. Nice neighbours notwithstanding, there might be a little business opp in there as well. Food for thought.

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