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Every climate rally needs a strong signage game and the game was on at the People’s Climate Assembly rally in Canberra last weekend.

It’s actually a pretty dire situation, this warming climate thing, especially with a horde of silly politicians in parliament who think their own truths are preferable to actual scientific facts. One was even silly enough to admit last week on national television that he doesn’t look at the evidence in making up his mind. He’s clearly not alone.

As if that wasn’t comic enough, there was lots more comic relief on the lawns of Parliament House in the form of creative signs and placards and a good dose of Aussie humour, and some terrific outfits as well. Something has to keep you going at trying times like these and provide a bit of light relief.

I loved the woman from Hawaii, the Murdoch gang, and the pineapple who may make a run for parliament in the future.


I was interested to discover afterwards that the Australian National University School of Art and Design is putting together a digital archive of signs to capture the movement on climate change in Canberra and record the diversity and creativity of the signs. This is a really pivotal moment in our history – perhaps the most pivotal there will ever be. As they say, the signs of our times.

You can find out more about the climate sign project on their website: https://www.climatesignarchive.com/

You can submit your own photos of signage through the website or by email and be part of the recording of history.

They’ll even be an exhibition at ANU on 19 February.

Who’s got some great photos of signs to contribute?