More mangoes in Vietnam – Mango Rooms in Hoi An

In our constant quest for great food around Vietnam, we tried Mango Rooms in Hoi An to see if it really was a cut above the rest as touted in reviews. Running between one of the main restaurant streets on one side and overlooking the river on the other, it’s in a prime location toContinue reading “More mangoes in Vietnam – Mango Rooms in Hoi An”

Green Mango 2, Hoi An

If Mango 1 and its fairyland courtyard wasn’t enough to get us to Mango 2 (Green Mango sister restaurant in Hanoi), the sign outside the fabulous old wooden building advertising ‘the happiest hour’ extending from 12 – 8pm tipped us over. You can eat downstairs or drink around the central bar but we opted to dine solo upstairsContinue reading “Green Mango 2, Hoi An”

Eating our way around Vietnam – Mango 1

A couple of weeks in Vietnam has provided lots of opportunities for eating fresh and sometimes fine fare. Seems a pity not to review it really – though the technology delivery didn’t quite coincide with the eating. Herewith some memorable ones. Mangoes, mangoes everywhere, and quite a few to eat. Green Mango Restaurant, 18 HangContinue reading “Eating our way around Vietnam – Mango 1”