Newcastle: revisiting the place of my youth

I visited Newcastle last week, the city I was born and grew up in. It’s strange that this place where I spent so many wonderful years and which is so very familiar – the geography and our shared history etched deeply into my brain – is now quite foreign as well. It’s a place IContinue reading “Newcastle: revisiting the place of my youth”

The pros and perils of hoarding

It’s official. I am a queen of hoarding, and of procrastination. But it’s not completely diabolical. Sometimes it allows me to find some treasures from the past and have a little chuckle. In a rare moment of clean-up zeal, I opened some overflowing cupboards in the study this week and started trawling through in an attemptContinue reading “The pros and perils of hoarding”

The boy in the cupboard: a story from my Dad

Today is Father’s Day, now the fourth one I’ve had without my silly old Dad around. So as I trawl through some old photos and re-read the eulogy I wrote to bid him farewell, I find this is the first time I’ve done so without crying and I can find a smile. This is aContinue reading “The boy in the cupboard: a story from my Dad”